iLive Platinum Speaker With Alexa Supports Multi-Room Audio

The iLive Platinum Speaker with Alexa support multi-room sound and for the individuals who have a requirement for a computerized smart speaker, or any individual who might be thinking about making that steps in setting up a smart home, this might be a speaker worth considering. While Amazon’s Echo speakers come in a handful of different forms, those coming straight from Amazon are not the only Alexa-powered speakers on the market anymore and there are other features to consider if you’re beginning to shop for such a product.

For example, the iLive Platinum speaker with Alexa support is equipped for associating and syncing to six speakers together so every speaker can be spread out equitably all through the home, making for more even dispersal of sound when using the speakers for just about anything from streaming music to asking Alexa a question. Plus, with having a speaker in multiple rooms the user would never be without an opportunity to interact with Amazon’s smart virtual assistant, making it possible to avoid having to go back to a singular room for any questions or tasks like turning off lights or increasing or decreasing the temperature on the smart thermostat.

In addition to the multi-room audio capabilities that allow you to link up to six speakers to each other, as mentioned above this is an Alexa-powered speaker so you can ask the speaker questions and have Alexa answer them, or use it to interact with any of the other smart home products that you may have set up as long as they’re compatible with Alexa. The speaker can also connect to a companion application that allows you to control your streaming music, and it works with Spotify, Pandora, TuneIn Radio, and a number of other streaming music services.

 The speaker comes with a stylish design thanks to the fabric material used for the outside and if you want easy access to controlling volume or other functions, one side has physical buttons for volume, powering the speaker on and off, muting the mic, and for pairing the speaker to other devices, like your smartphone. There’s also a charging port here, and a 3.5mm audio port for plugging in your device if you don’t want to stream to it and drain the battery. Talking about the battery, iLive rates the battery life at as long as two hours while streaming via Wi-Fi with the volume at 50 percent, or as long as five hours if streaming through Bluetooth. That said, if you’re not planning on moving the speaker around you can simply leave it plugged in and not worry about it dying on you. The iLive Platinum speaker retails for $70, however, it very well may be gotten on Amazon for about $68 at the present time.