How To Fix Alexa Orange Light Issue ?

Alexa Orange light is one of the most common problems which Echo users generally face. Orange ring light indication on your Alexa simply means that your Alexa is trying to connect or connecting with your wifi internet network. You can fix this issue by resetting your Alexa device and its related components. Now, we will tell you about how to fix the Alexa orange light issue. Look at these simple steps mentioned below.

Fix Alexa Orange light issue 

  • Press the Volume down and microphone off buttons on your Alexa together and hold them for at least 20 seconds. In that meantime, you will see that the ring light of your Alexa turning orange in color. That is how you can fix the Alexa Orange light issue on your echo device.

  • You can also reset your Alexa through its reset button by pressing and holding it with a small needle for a few seconds. When you do that the orange Light of your Alexa changes to blue color, and then turns off. After a couple of seconds, the ring light indication of your Alexa turns on again. Hence the orange light issue on your amazon Alexa is solved.

  • You can also take the adaptor of your Echo out from the wall socket and put it back in after 15-20 seconds. This troubleshooting technique will also work in fixing the Alexa orange light issue on your Alexa device.

If you see the orange ring light indication while Setting up your Alexa, then, it’s not an issue. When you try to configure your Echo for the first time, then it’s compulsory for you to connect it with your wireless network. But, if you see an orange light indication on your Alexa device even after setting up your Echo device and it’s happening more frequently.

Then, it’s an issue. The Alexa orange ring light indication issue is related to your internet router and network connectivity. Because, when your Alexa device does not receive a sufficient amount of internet signals. Then, its ring light starts to indicate orange color. On that point, it tries to re-establish it’s a connection with your wireless internet network or router again. In that duration, you cannot give it any command because your Echo device does not answer your queries when it’s struggling to establish its connection with the internet.

Techniques to Troubleshoot fix Alexa orange light issue

To start with, Turn off your Alexa and web switch. At that point, turn on both the gadgets following 10 seconds and attempt to interface them again with one another. Your Alexa Device will work proficiently in the wake of playing out this investigating task and won't face the orange ring light sign issue. 


Also, you can expel every transitory store, treats documents, undesirable gadgets, and clients from your web switch and modem gadget when you do that. This investigating method of expelling the organizing clog improves the exhibition of your web switch, and it will have the option to give productive web availability to your Alexa gadget. 


Third, you change the area of your web switch and Alexa both. Spot the two gadgets in the most focal spot of your home. For instance, you have to put your Alexa and switch gadget in any event 8 inches from the divider as it hinders the web signals and diminishes their sign's quality. You need to put both of these gadgets from a wide range of strong articles, metal items, wooden articles, and so forth. So switch would get the perfect measure of web signals from your ISP and communicate them to the Alexa gadget. 


Fourth, Always place your Alexa gadget and your switch in one another's a range when you will find both of these gadgets in one another's range field. At that point, your web switch will have the option to give better web signal quality and availability to your Alexa Echo. 


Fifth, You can reestablish your Alexa Echo gadget to the defaults. You can do that by heading off to the settings area of your Alexa application and choosing your gadget name and tapping on the re establish to the Factory Defaults alternative, But remember to keep brilliant home gadget choices into the Alexa application. 


On the off chance that you can't comprehend what to do in that circumstance. At that point, you can contact any IT fellow or actually stable individual to fix that issue for you.