Echo Input Portable

Echo input portable device is newly launched device by amazon. You can use this device without the power cable. It has a battery that is usable up to 10 hours. It is for limited edition. You can carry it around your home. You can play music, order pizza, book under through Echo Input. You can pair it with other devices via bletooth. 

Control Your Smart Home Through Portable Echo Input

Control your smart home through portable Alexa echo input. You can use Echo Input to control smart lights using Alexa App without even moving around just by saying "Alexa, Turn on the lights" 

Echo Input Portable Setup -  Connect To Alexa App

In order to setup Echo Input portable smart speaker, First you need to make sure that speaker is fully charged. Once it is charged you need to download Alexa App on devices like windows, mac PC or smartphone. After the installation of Alexa App you need to open the Alexa app and then you need to choose your device. After that connect alexa to internet, then complete setup. Once it is all done you need to ask "Alexa, what's the time or any other question. It will respond to all your questions.