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Help Section : Alexa App 
Download & Setup Alexa

Visit the Help Section for Alexa App. Setup Alexa, Setup Echo Dot, Setup Echo Show, Setup Echo Tap generation, Download Alexa App.

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Mobile Phone

Download Alexa App 

On PC or Smart Phone

Download All new Alexa App for Windows Mac, PC, Laptop, Desktop. Alexa App is free of cost on all the devices. You can Download Alexa App on PC and can use all the features of Alexa App. 

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Alexa Setup

Echo Dot, Echo Plus, Echo Show

Setup your Echo Alexa devices with the use of Alexa App. By going in the Alexa App help section you will find the settings to Setup up alexa Echo Dot, Plus, Show devices to internet or wifi. 

Help Section - Chat Now

Help Set Up Alexa

If you facing trouble connecting Alexa Echo to wireless or internet, Just Connect with us now and get help to Setup Alexa Echo. Chat Now with Expert if you are facing any issue in setting up Alexa.